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In the past a few years ago, it would have been inconceivable to purchase everything extending from a safety pin to a racing car, from garments to sailboat, and everything in between online. Popularly called online shopping in layman’s jargon, ecommerce business today is not an option, but a necessity for businesses to have a vital competitive edge. But it is no simple feat to simply duplicate a complete shop on to the Internet, because each one is unique and complex in nature, with the bigger players clocking hundreds of thousands of business transactions globally.

It is thus not by accident, but by design that MDC helps clients in building superlative ecommerce websites using the free source Magento Ecommerce Development. In principle, Magento Ecommerce Design is today the most popular and Magento Ecommerce is today globally rated as one of the fastest platforms.

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It’s often a difficult decision trying to decide the ideal platform for your ecommerce business, and with the MDC team of Magento Ecommerce experts, we definitely stand apart from the crowd with numerous benefits including:

Multiple Store Option

Let our team help you set up each store as a distinct identity along with its exclusive product catalogue.

Developer Friendly and Simple Coding

The motto at MDC- making it simple to code and use. Updating content, adding pages and linking pages will be an easy and time saving process. Simple coding, convenient integration with third party code that remains undisturbed by future upgrade add-ons or extensions, are tenets that what we ensure.

Google Services

We can integrate several Google services with your Magento website including Google Analytics, Google Checkout and Google Base.

Flexibility and Features

MDC has great expertise in the Edition-based solutions- ‘Magento Go’ for small and ‘Magento Enterprise’ for medium and large businesses. We will help you build the perfect website with numerous features including layered navigation, wish lists, product comparisons, carting, advanced search, favorites, grouped products, multi store feature, email list, content management system and SEO performance drive a highly satisfactory user experience.

Magento Mobile

We also specialize in building excellent brand experience on smartphone and mobile devices.

Tools and Reporting

We help design versatile Marketing Tools like Private Sales, Promotional Pricing, Coupons, Bundled Products, Campaigns, Multi-tier Pricing etc; numerous Magento Ecommerce Themes and Templates; complete order processing cycle facility and easy administration through detailed performance reports available.

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Our team of experts will help you create the ultimate online shopping experience for your business and ensure that customers have a smooth and seamless shopping experience they will not forget in a hurry, and will definitely come back for more. What’s more, our top-notch support services will keep your business up and running 24×7.

Responsive Theme

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Multi Store Development

Theme Conversion

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Speed Optimization

Magento E-commerce Design

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