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Almost all businesses in the world today are moving to showcasing their products and services through online stores. And some of the most attractive, dynamic, interactive and user-friendly online shopping websites use the free source Magento ecommerce platform that MDC specializes in. But a recurring challenge with most ecommerce websites is the optimization of Search Engine feature since there are hundreds of thousands of products and services being sold online by a single company. So how will a company design a single string of words to define their entire product range?

Basic site navigation is the first step, and then is the placement of products to help customers locate it with ease and a business owner can define categories for these. But this further poses issues like products appearing in more than one category because the top-level categories defined are often ambiguous, and confuse the customer as to in which specific category their product is available. And the result is deep nested categories with many drill down levels which is also not a good idea.

So how does MDC take care of these issues on the online store? The answer is the simple but brilliant concept of Magento Multi-store Development. One of the biggest advantages of using Magento ecommerce is this feature where you can all your products and services can be divided into multiple stores, and all these can be run from a single instance of Magento.

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MDC will help you develop the Magento Multi-store concept that is by farther best solution to help your customers navigate through the different products and services with ease. Our solution provides several advantages including:


Our Magento experts help you design an Ecommerce website with the same back-end and admin for a number of stores. Also, these stores can be in different languages, with different prices and currencies. You end up with better control with one admin, one hosting plan and one list of orders.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

MDC endeavor is to create a magical experience for your customers when they visit your online store. With neatly and logically categorized products and services, and better search results, customers will walk away with a more pleasing experience, with much higher possibility of them coming back for more, and also helping you increase the reach of your business by word of mouth- when such customers share their positive experience.

Better Navigation and SEO:

MDC helps you design improved categorization and less number of categories with relevant titles and keywords. Overall, the entire site and its associated categories can be designed around phrases and words that customers actually use while searching for a product or service.

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Our team of highly experienced and focussed Magento experts will help you create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers by intergrating the feature-rich Magento Multi-store Development in your online store.

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