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Online shopping is today a multi-trillion dollar business that no business owners can afford to miss out on in today’s day and age. In their endeavor to get a piece of the pie of this mammoth ecommerce industry, more and more businesses are looking to convert their websites to the most attractive and user-friendly online stores. And this is where MDC steps in. We help our clients go a long way in helping them increase traffic and more visitors to their websites, and ultimately in increasing their potential customer base.

One of the smartest ways to do this is to use Magento Theme Conversion create a highly effective Magento template by converting PSD (Photoshop Document) to Magento. MDC specializes in this PSD to Magento Theme Conversion that helps you to create a robust and powerful online presence.

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With our expertise in website development, we help you surge ahead of your competition in your online business by using the PSD to Magento Theme Conversion. This provides several benefits including:

Better Search Ranking

Google, Yahoo! and Bing are some of the biggest search engines. They are designed in such a way that they give higher preference to websites that have regular content updates. MDC makes it possible to be on top of the search rankings through PSD to Magento Conversion.

User-friendly Website

PSD templates are undoubtedly very attractive and striking, but they are not web compatible. In order to make your business website much more user friendly, MDC helps in an optimal PSD to Magento Conversion exercise is the best solution. This will help in making your business website much more impressive in terms of design and will also be extremely effective in grabbing the attention of a maximum percentage of visitors to the website.

Superior Website Design

The MDC team helps you create attractive and pixel perfect website designs through PSD template conversion to Magento. Also, this helps in making the website much more dynamic as it allows you to attach images and JavaScript to the website. Moreover, greatly enhancing the website design by making it much more attractive.

Increased and Quicker Upload Options

Pictures, multimedia and applications can be easily uploaded at a much faster rate if the website uses our services of Magento as compared to PSD templates.

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At MDC, it is our promise that we will help in creating an unimaginable Magento website, theme or plugin with all the benefits of Magento. So if you’re looking to attract huge amounts of traffic to your website and surge ahead of the competition, Magento experts as MDC will be more than happy to be at your service.

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